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Aguila de Osa & Drake Bay in Costa Rica

First discovered by Sir Francis Drake during his travels around the world in the 16th century, Bahia Drake – or Drake Bay – is located in the northern region of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Formerly one of the most remote settlements in the country, its growing popularity has meant increased access for tourists, and gradual development has brought increased amenities. Despite this, the area still retains the atmosphere of exploration that makes a vacation to the region so exciting.

Tourists visiting Costa Rica on vacation can take a two-hour boat ride from nearby Sierpe to reach this secluded corner of the Osa Peninsula. Alternatively, driving is possible, but flooding can occasionally close roads, making a visit to Drake Bay and adventure in itself. Travelers can also take a domestic flight to the airport located about 45 minutes from the Bay, with regular service operating from the capital of San Jose.

Once here, tourists are treated to a taste of the exotic, as Drake Bay remains one of the most secluded spots in all of Costa Rica. Quite literally a tropical paradise, the region boasts miles of pristine beaches, spectacular lagoons and coves ideal for Costa Rica scuba diving, as well as leafy palms that fringe the coastline, making Drake Bay an ideal place for those looking to enjoy a quieter vacation in Costa Rica.

One of the premier attractions that vacationers won’t want to miss is Corcovado National Park. First created in the 1970s to protect the countryside from gold mining and logging, Corcovado remains one of the most stunningly beautiful conservation areas in the country. The nature reserve is a popular destination for ecotourists, and visitors can see an incredible variety of wildlife in the jungles of the reserve. Animals that make their home here include tapirs, red-eyed tree frogs, resplendent quetzals, and scarlet macaws.

Enjoying a tropical climate year-round, the area is ideal for active vacationers who want to experience the thrills of jungle exploration. Many miles of hiking trails wind through the majestic rainforests of the region, and there are four ranger stations located throughout the park to provide guidance to explorers who wander off the beaten path.

Offering the perfect blend of seclusion, natural beauty and tropical climate, a vacation to Drake Bay could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Credits go to govisitcostarica.com for this information.