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Drake Bay Hotels Aguila de Osa & Osa Fishing

If you are seeking for a comfortable and luxurious place in Costa Rica, Aguila de Osa could possibly be your best choice. Aguila de Osa

There’s something that a large number of Drake Bay Hotels share, and that is how they link with nature as a whole, this is something necessary because of how the destination truly is and the focus it has with nature because of the distinguished national park.. I can safely say that the Drake Bay Hotel that has finished this task the better has been undoubtedly Aguila de Osa, this hotel has done it so that you feel as part of the heart of the mountain throughout your visit, it’s a marvelous destination to be undoubtably

Eco-friendly inns are very few, although Aguila de Osa is for sure the one that has set the bar the highest it has always been since the very minute of it’s fabrication, only one tree was cut down whilst the entire process, which was quickly changed right after.

Just a few minutes away from the beautiful waters of Drake Bay, Aguila de Osa sits pleasantly up in the mountain, in the heart of the wild nature while still enjoying the terrific view of the seashore itself; located in the Osa Peninsula.

At Times a bit of relaxation, connecting with nature, having privacy and comfort are precisely what you need, Aguila de Osa provides all of that, relaxation and privacy are achieved by the integrity this resort has with nature, the environment is relaxed and always every single thing runs gently, this will give you some relaxation and privacy too due to the fact there’s simply nothing surrounding the hotel itself but nature. To keep you comfortable this hotel and resort also provides all ¬†of the services that any other hotel of this caliber provides. From the regular rooms to the honeymoon room all of the rooms and stances in this hotel are packed with luxury, you can tell in every single detail that has been put into it’s construction.

Occasionally you imagine a little left out from your beginnings? Well Aguila de Osa is completely distinct, this hotel has attached with nature, the entire environment whilst you stay here will make you feel different and at home. The two biggest sources of services which are water and energy come from both natural or recycled sources, water is mostly reprocessed to decrease waste and power comes principally from solar panes. Aguila de Osa has really set the bar high for ecological lodging not only in the community, but ultimately world wide.

The number of attractions and adventures that Aguila de Osa offers on their own is outstanding, from swimming in waterfalls to nature night-walks you may connect with the environment a lot more. The national park of Drake Bay is positioned just a few minutes apart from the lodge, you could additionally experience that and the beach that it has to provide, which is great and from individual experience, it’s by far the best shore I’ve ever been to.


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