Drake Bay Hotel & Costa Rica Fishing Vacation Spots

A good choice for deluxe and relaxed vacations is a hotel like Aguila de Osa, popular in this field for it’s uniqueness. Let me demonstrate to you why a lodge like Aguila de Osa, positioned in Drake Bay, has so many different services and it’s distinctive in it’s own.

The environment and wild-life overall are two of the points that remain strongly related in all of Drake Bay Hotels, this is to make vacationers feel like they are in nonstop contact with nature, and to make them feel merely at home.. Aguila de Osa is a Drake Bay hotel that has effectively and perfectly accomplished the task of evolving into one with nature, in a way that it’s truly simple to observe how it ties with the environment and how it ends up being one with the mountain

To get started with, on the construction of this resort only one tree was cut in the heart of the jungle, which was replaced rapidly afterwards, this shows you how eco-friendly it could get.

Enjoying the view of the excellent beach that Drake Bay is from the mountains up top, Aguila de Osa stands there easily, without the need of compromising any convenience either because it’s positioned just in a wonderful spot to make it quite easily to get to the seashore in no time at all.

This lodge is very personal and will give you a comfortable feel of privacy and comfort without shedding any services, this lodge counts with every single thing you could perhaps require, from internet to special meals, you name it. Luxury is what this resort has, and it basically reveals everywhere, for the adventurous ones there’s also a honeymoon suite which has some even more extra luxuries.

As Soon As you start getting closer to the hotel you’ll experience this wonderful experience of bonding with nature, this hotel has it all truly, that’s what makes it different. There’s no waste in this lodge water is recycled to the greatest to lower waste and the electricity that feeds Aguila de Osa comes mainly from solar panes. Aguila de Osa has really set the bar high for ecological lodging not exclusive in the zone, but truly world wide.

The resort itself has some fascinating tours and adventures that you may experience, like zip-lining, canopy, night-walks in the environment, some of the best fishing vacations in costa rica, horseback-riding and swimming in a waterfall, all of this being distinctive because they are specific excursions from the resorts per se. You can actually walk down to the shore and the national park of Drake Bay, I reassure you this will be an experience you’ll never forget.

For more information check out this amazing site with lots of information about Aguila de Osa and Drake Bay Hotels in General


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